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Accounts & Passwords

Accounts & Passwords:

I have a new employee starting. How can I get them all the BSD accounts they need?

Send an email from the person's supervisor, PI or EA to with the information listed below.

Note: If the request is urgent, you may call us at 2-3456, but we will still require a written request from the person's supervisor, EA or PI.

Requested By
Phone Number
User's Date of Arrival
User's First Name
User's Last Name
User's Telephone Number
User's Department
User's Title
User's Chicago ID
Supervisor information (if different from Requestor)
Supervisor's Full Name
Supervisor's Telephone Number

What folders should they have access to?
(Please be as specific as possible. i.e. \\\groups\yourdepartmentfolder )

Would you like them to have a personal share?
(i.e. \\\user\username)

Practical Information:
The computer for this user is:
An existing computer, located in:
A new computer, located in:
Does computer need to be setup/configured: