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Daylight Savings Time fix for Mac, PC, handhelds
March 2007

Daylight Savings Time (DST) starts earlier this year (Sunday March 11). As a result, meetings in calendar programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Entourage are off by one hour during this period.

"Fixing" the problem is a multi-step process that involves first patching the operating system (i.e. via Windows Update) and then running a Microsoft-provided tool called tzmover.exe [see sidebar for link to Microsoft's site.]

Once the tool launches, a window similar to the following will appear:
DST tool

Important to note is that the tool will only fix calendar items the specific user has created, so items proposed by other people will be corrected once they run the tool on their own calendars.

Mac users using Entourage for their calendar need to run the Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.3 updateto fix their calendar entries.

Handheld devices also need to be updated:

1. Customers with Windows mobile devices should download and run the available update tool only after updating their mail client.

2. There is also a different update for Windows CE devices:

3. Palm OS also has an update available:

Customers with laptops or non-CBIS supported can visit the Microsoft DST Help & Support Center for assistance in identifying required updates.

Customers are encouraged to call the Service Desk at 2-3456 with any questions or problems, or to schedule a technician visit.