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Accounts & Passwords


Getting your BSD email

How do I configure my email program for BSD Exchange? [Windows | Mac]

How do I configure my mobile/handheld device for BSD Exchange?

How can I access my email via the web?

Why can't I forward by BSD email to my @uchicago address?

Managing your BSD email

How much mail can I store on the server (what is the quota)?

How can I check my server quota usage? [Windows | Mac]

How can I manage my mail so I don't go over quota?

How can I see what items are taking up space in my Inbox? [Windows | Mac]

How can I set up Outlook to AutoArchive my mail?

How do I create rules or filters to manage my mail? [Windows | Mac]

How does spam filtering work?

Can I recover mail I have deleted from my Deleted Items folder? [Windows]

Other email features

My email signature in Outlook is appearing double spaced but I want it to be single spaced. How can I fix this?


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